The Mallet locomotives

The 200 ton train is pulled by a locomotive identical to the one designed by the engineer Anatole Mallet (1837-1919). Mallet locomotives are articulated so that they can negotiate the tight curves in the gorges more easily. The four double acting pistons are operated by steam from the boiler which contains 3000 litres of water heated to 200°C under 14 bars of pressure. From Tournon to Lamastre the train consumes 700 kgs of coal and 4000 litres of water. Locomotive n°403 has been running the route since 1903. A listed historical “monument”, it was carefully restored in 2013 at the workshop of the Chemin de Fer du Vivarais, in Lamastre. Locomotive n°414 (1932) has joined its sister on our line in 2015.


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